March 17, 2003: This a letter that was forwarded to me by my Aunt Elizabeth in Berkeley. She's in her 80's too. When my niece and I visited her 3 years ago, we went to Chinatown and while walking along in her heavy wake she was acosted by a former student. The student introduced her to her companions as Elizabeth Colson, "the famous anthropologist". And so she is! She wrote me that she was planning to attend a candlelight march that evening, (Saturday). This made me feel a good deal better: Medicine for Melancholy

March 3, 2003: Elaine sent this letter to Huseyin Celik of the Turkish National Assembly:

Here's a letter from Larry with the E-mail addresses for Turkey and current security council members:

This is an unbelievable resignation letter from an American diplomat:
(Thanks to Naushad and Elaine) Naushad0228