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The Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace consists of individuals who choose to speak out peacefully against war on both moral and practical grounds. Aggressive military and economic policies are provocatively counter-productive. We recognize that justice, especially economic justice, is a necessary precursor and condition for the true and lasting peace for which we strive.

The coalition has no officers and requires neither dues nor oaths of its membership. We are unaffiliated politically and religiously. We encourage diversity as the grave issues of war and peace affect us all. We act from hope rather than fear and emphatically assert our right to dissent as specified in the Constitution. We believe allegiance to conscience is a higher duty than unquestioning obedience to the state. We invite all concerned citizens to attend our open meetings and help build an autonomous local movement in conjunction with similar organizations across the country and the world.

The many members of the Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace have diverse opinions, but what we all agree on, regardless of individual religious beliefs or outside activities, is that



Comments, inquiries, or suggestions may be sent to:

Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace
P.O. Box 113
Brainerd, MN 56401-0113

Or email: letters@brainerdpeace.org

Please note: This website or recommended sites may contain graphics of a violent nature. It is the harsh reality of life for many people world-wide. This site is created with the belief that only an informed public can make intelligent decisions.

If a doctor said, "There is cancer, we must amputate your leg." ... I would get a second opinion. When any government leader says, "There is cancer here in the world - we must amputate." ... We think it is wise to get a second opinion, learn for ourselves, and investigate their history, before blindly supporting any harmful action.