Agencies and Organizations Dealing with Environment and Climate Change

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB)

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board is a forum for leadership and coordination across Minnesota state agencies on complex, priority environmental issues. As a public-facing board, the EQB strives to engage Minnesotans and provide greater access to conversations regarding the future of our environment.
The Board has a responsibility to address issues affecting our water, land, air, energy, and climate. In addition the EQB functions as the coordinating body for Minnesota's Environmental Review Program.
The EQB's mission is to enhance Minnesota's environmental quality for current and future generations by leading interagency work to advance meaningful public engagement and facilitate informed decision-making on critical environmental issues.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

We have a responsibility to adapt to climate change. We manage the impacts of climate change and protect Minnesota's natural resources, ensuring outdoor recreation opportunities for future generations.
We take seriously our contributions to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. We are investing in renewable energy, continuing our good stewardship of public lands, and limiting or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer - Your guide to Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife

Our Mississippi Our Future - Together, we can protect our waters. Protect our economy. Protect the Mississippi River. Protect this beautiful place we call home.

MN350 - MN350 unites Minnesotans as part of a global movement to end the pollution damaging our climate, speed the transition to clean energy, and create a just and healthy future for all.

MINNESOTA CENTER FOR ​ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCACY - The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) has been a leading legal and scientific voice for Minnesota’s environment since 1974. We work in the courts, regulatory agencies, and at the legislature to protect Minnesota’s environment and the health of its people. MCEA defends the Minnesota you love.